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About MUTE.


 MUTE. provides complete music productions from preproduction to mix, saving absolutely no effort. Perfectionism is the key feature to bring your sound to life. We guide you through the entire process, ranging from choosing the right studio environment to discussing which guitar to use to produce that signature sound. 

What defines a MUTE. production?


  • Clarity in the mix, so you can feel every part of the arrangement.

  • A larger than life feel to provide the impact that your creation deserves.
    Wether it's that deep sub or a lonely voice, we'll make the right things pop.


  • A smooth sound. Our productions sound great in a car, but they really come to life on a decent set of speakers. 

  • Emotion and story. At the end of the day, your music has a message. We'll figure out what that is and how to translate it to the audience. Our goal will always be to bring out emotion in the listener.

In short: A MUTE. production assures that your music will not be background music. No matter where or when the production is played, the music has to exert a certain pull on the listener. It should make the audience want to go sit in front of the speaker, close their eyes and be taken away on the journey that is your music.

It's all about the details.



What is MUTE.?

MUTE. represents a young professional: Alexander Van Calster, aka me. I offer professional music production, recording and mixing. 
MUTE. is based in Ghent, Belgium.

A Master in Music

I studied at PXL Music (Hasselt, Belgium) and graduated with a -cum laude- bachelors degree in studio engineering. As part of this study, I performed an internship at DAFT Recording Studio's for three months. Here i got the chance to work with a range of great artists and producers: Tony Platt (ACDC, Bob Marley, Motörhead, ...), Two Tone Club (FR.), Brides Of Lucifer, Yannick Bovy, ...

To keep innovating, I choose to keep educating myself. Right now, this means following a master's degree in Music Design at the HKU in Utrecht. Here my focus is Music Production. 

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